For Sellers- 7 Traits that Set Bob Apart

  1. You and Bob become a well-oiled team!  We get to know each other and form a  strong bond.  I will ask you many questions up front in our first few meetings, and most importantly listen, so that I understand what your needs and wants are in selling your home.
  2. Bob works hard and long for you. Hard work and solving difficult problems that arise are what I do.  You can lean on me as your trusted adviser and one who follows through with commitments.  Time is of the essence in the real estate business.  I will only take 7-10 active clients at a time so that I give you my personal attention and my best efforts.
  3. Bob Minimizes the Drama. Real estate transactions can be a roller coaster of emotions.  My job is to keep drama and anxiety to a minimum.     You will get all the facts and information, but not the stress.
  4. Bob has Superb Analytical Skills. I have a master’s degree in  civil engineering (construction management).  I have a unique ability to analyze information and data that I bring to our team.  We will look at the data and numbers as well as the many other factors in selling your property.
  5.  Bob is a Negotiation Expert. I have spent 20 plus years negotiating transactions and have had hundreds of hours of training how to do so.  I  will negotiate hard for you, but will also recommend to you when I feel it is time to close the deal.
  6. Bob has People  I surround myself with support people who are of top caliber that will assist us.  Home inspectors, loan officers, photographers, etc., do excellent work at a reasonable cost and show up on time to keep the process moving quickly and professionally.  I also team with another Realtor, Paul Weisz, so that the process always keeps moving for you.
  7. Bob Doesn’t Go Away.  I hope that every client becomes another friend.