Buyers- 7 Traits that set Bob apart!

    • You and Bob become a TEAM. We get to know each other and form a bond.  I will ask you many questions up front in our first few meetings, and listen so that I understand what your needs and wants are for a home.  As we look at homes, your thoughts may change as we look at the market and various communities.  I will continue to listen to you and help as needed, to find the best home in the best community for you.  We will also have some fun times together on our journey to your new front door.
    • Bob works hard and long for you. Hard work and solving difficult problems that arise are what I do.  You can lean on me as your trusted adviser and one who follows through with commitments.  Time is of the essence in the real estate business.  I will only take 7-10 active clients at a time so that I give you my personal attention and my best efforts.
    • Bob has Superb Analytical Abilities. I have a master’s degree in engineering (construction management).  I have a unique knowledge that I bring to you.  We will look at the data and numbers as well as the many other factors in choosing a home.
    • Bob is a Negotiation Expert. I have spent 20 plus years negotiating transactions and have had hundreds of hours of training how to do so.  I negotiate hard for you, but will also recommend to you when it is time to close the deal.
    • Bob has People  I surround myself with support people who of top caliber that will assist us.  Home inspectors, loan officers, photographers, etc., do excellent work at a reasonable cost and show up on time to keep the process moving quickly and professionally.  I also team with another Realtor so that the process always keeps moving for you.
    • Bob Doesn’t Go Away.  I hope that every client becomes another friend.  I will make sure that you are assimilated into your new neighborhood and community, and will be invited to my periodic events and seminars.
    • Annual Property Reviews  Annually I will report to you the increased market value of your property so that you can understand the investment you made and its return!