Choosing LaConner

LaConner and its surrounding  area provides a unique waterfront village charm perhaps only rivaled by some parts of coastal new England.  The confluence of maritime and agricultural cultures blend perfectly in LaConner, with farms and fields adjacent to the Swinomish Channel.

I especially like LaConner for its shops and great restaurants, and of course the well-managed  LaConner Marina where I keep my boat snugly under cover in one of its slips! If you want to live in an incredibly cute small town with fantastic boating thrown in, LaConner may be for you!

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Choosing Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon has a special place in my heart having been the Director of Economic Development in the city.  The city of 36,000 has a great small town feel, and many advantages.  It is an up and coming city. The old historic downtown is showing signs of a renaissance, with new shops,restaurants , and community  events popping up.  The city has a solid job base led by Skagit Regional Health with over 5000 employees.  The geographic advantage of Mount Vernon is large.  It is equidistant from Seattle and Vancouver B.C., making it a great location for those who like the big city life,but just want to visit!

For military personnel, Mount Vernon is equal distance from NAS Whidbey and Naval Station Everett, a great location if you think you can  perhaps convince the detailer ( person that sends you to a new duty station) to double-tour you in the area without having to move!

For retirees, Mount Vernon has in recent years seen a boom in “active over 55”  communities, and these newcomers have added a fantastic dimension to life in Mount Vernon.

Although housing prices are on their way up, Mount Vernon still overs great value in comparison to the surrounding areas with the average single family dwelling priced about $300,000.


Give Mount Vernon a look!  You may be very surprised.

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Choosing Anacortes

Anacortes Washington  has been transitioning over the past 30 years from its former label as  the ” Gateway to the San Juan Islands, or the best place to jump on a ferry, to that of a true destination town.  Whether you have lived in ” A-town” since birth, or are just moving in, the culture is such that everyone is welcome, and everyone can be “someone” in this small coastal community.

I have lived in a dozen or so places in my life, and only stumbled upon Anacortes in 1993 .   Boy am I glad I did!  Upon my arrival to my new duty station, NAS Whidbey, and at  the insistence of Al Souders, at the time a fellow naval officer, we jumped in his car and drove from Oak Harbor to Anacortes, where he lived.  At the time Al was one of the few  Navy folks that lived off of Whidbey Island, a great place in and of itself!  Well, he took me to the marina, Mount Erie, and told me about the great schools, and I was hooked!!  I am deeply indebted to Al, who now is an attorney in Anacortes.

Today Anacortes is much different than it was in 1993.  We have many more naval personnel, and many more retirees which all add to the beautiful mosaic of people that is Anacortes today!  We have one of the top hospitals in the state if not the country, a pleasant climate as we dwell in the ” rain shadow” of the Olympic Mountains, a world class marina and marine cluster that has everything a boater would ever need.  Last count I heard there are over 3000 recreational  boats in A Town!

Anacortes’ size , and the fact that it is surrounded by water on 3 sides, gives it it’s small town character. I like how it is big enough to sustain great schools and a great hospital,  and vibrant service clubs and churches, but is not too large that you lose the small town charm and the ability for everyone to make a difference in this unique town.  A traffic jam in A Town is still only 4 cars in a row!

Fair winds and following seas for now..




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